Thursday, June 30, 2022

the band of thieves


The band of thieves

Flourishing out in the court case

What will the poor race say?

Still sinking heads in the sand?

The country woes

It never seems to go away

The divide and rule mantra

It ruins the nation of colours

Now the band of thieves

Some facing their lives in jail

The Bamboo River will sing

But the band of thieves try to get away

Those names appear in court testimony

They will try to deny without showing any

They should sue to polish their names

This is something it must happen isn't it?

The band of thieves

The poor race should wake up now

Don't always bury your head in the sand

It is better to have a backbone to live your own

let the young leaders take charge, Anwar


Anwar Ibrahim

Time has changed the landscape

Age has caught up with him

He should be graceful to stay behind

Let the young leaders take charge

Let them handle GE15 in the months ahead

This isn't about a person's right to hold

It is about to save the nation

Let destiny decide his fate

The many failures on his part

Though he still hungry for more

But sometimes he has to take a back seat

He should sense the way forward

He tried many times but he got nothing

Though failures shouldn't stop one trying

But he should let a new team to dice it

Anwar Ibrahim

Let the young leaders take shape

The Blue Eye will shine it bright

He may still taste victory for himself

save the nation the shame


The VIP trial

Better get it done within the time

As it is happening trying to pull wool over the eyes

Playing up with excuses delaying the cases

The judges should throw it out

There are no merits to entertain the requests

Either it happens to the defense lawyers

Or the VIP will cough their own excuses

The cases have dragged on long enough

The defense lawyers are putting up walls

They are afraid they will fall on the cases

The evidence isn't going away

The documentations showing the trails

It is a tight case the VIP couldn't get away

Why not be man enough to admit the crime?

It is all there in the bank accounts

The Bamboo River is strumming their names

There are cells waiting for them to walk in

The echo will not go away in time

The VIP should walk in save the nation the shame

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

the red flag for the wolves


The red flag for the wolves

Who will bite the dust and be forgotten?

The aged leaders should take their leave

This is the age for the youth to take

The aged leaders may have served their times

They don't see it is because of power and wealth

So they will cling by any means possible

This is the red flag the aged leaders should go

The internal fighting will carry on

Because the sore leaders may not want to go

They will make a lot of noises to be known

Until they are cashiered for disobeying rules

The wolves still play on politics

They don't think how to gear up the economy

As the nation and people watch day by day

But do the wolf leaders really care?

The red flag for the wolves

The in-fighting will be carried on

They haven't changed at all

They need to fall deeply to understand

the Old Man is right to walk out


Pulau Batu Putih

Apa Mandi should disqualify himself

He shouldn't be the chairman in the committee

He has his conflict of interest

The back door sees no wrong!

In GE15 the voters should know what to do

They can't let these quality leaders stay on

The nation will cry days and nights

The Old Man is right to walk out

He was the one who removed Apa Mandi

Since he didn't do the right thing on MO1

He supported it with his reasoning then

Pulau Batu Putih

ICJ awarded it to Singapore

Because AG and his team failed to prove it

They didn't have the documents to show

ICJ will review unless we have the documents

As it is the country leaders can't show it

This committee is a waste of time and money

Dr Mahathir is right to walk out

As he says it is a conflict of interest

Why waste time to pursue a course which had decided?

It is better to brain storm how to jump start the economy

This is back door I am afraid......

wealth creation is the person challenging it


Education has its values

It makes many can read, think and write

It makes many to live the joy of sharing

In many fields which embiggen the knowledge

But it will not create wealth by itself

Education can open ways to many opportunities

It is the person who would make the grade

Building wealth needs courage and determination

Not many who are educated have it

By measuring success is through wealth creation

On that score it will determine the success

Of what a person has learned and implemented his skills

We have many professors

We have many doctorate holders

Yet they feel superior in close up areas

But not in the open field of wealth creation

The wealth creation

It isn't about education

It is about the person challenging it

Taking up to fight for his success

the power of prayers


The power of prayers

Saying it with your own words

It will sound more sincere

Because you don't copy somebody's else

The prayers should come within our souls

Let it flow into the cascading wind

Let it flow to the domain of the Almighty

The joy in heaven and on earth

Many will copy the prayers

Thinking it sounds nice in their ears

But it doesn't come with our own words

We just copy and say it out loud

Like in public examinations

We don't copy others to get the grade

The examiners will see the similarity

We will be graded failure for our efforts

The power of prayers

It should come with our own words

Let it flow with sincerity for the whispering wind

Let the Lord smile with our efforts to be original

the plot and twist


The plot and twist

In the party of the wolves

All because of power and greed

The others are secondary

Even in court cases

The wolves still hanging around

Those involved feel no shame

As if it is a badge of honour

Dare to take

Dare to face the music

Strum the chords in scale

They can smile the whole day

The members worship the wrong

Dreaming to get into play in the party

So the plot and twist to hit the grade

Some will fall to be forgotten

The plot and twist

The ungrateful will hit the news

Narrating those stories behind the doors

Now it is open; the internal cards shuffling begin

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

the kissing train man


The kissing train man

He is trying to get sacked

He is issuing statements

Telling his chief wolf to go

He is right on the score

The chief wolf facing his court charges

In fact he should come clean on himself

When Macc investigated him

Since he supported the scarecrow

He may get his end of his bargain

Macc stops investigating the case

Because he gives his support

Now the chief wolf wants him hauled up

The disciplinary board will follow soon

The kissing train man will know his fate

The scarecrow should rescind his appointment

The scarecrow must read the messages

The chief wolf has given out his warning

He may not be save in his party

If he tries to step out of his zone

The kissing train man

The sore loser raging hard with his words

He will bring down the wolf party

A trigger the opposition will collect

one more jumps out from moo


One more frog jumps out of the pond

Moo must be seeing stars now in his mind

How many will jump off during this year?

Madam Z did it now another one followed

The frogs from Azzmin group

They may feel the need to do

As they watch a few jumped out

They may to follow suit

Azzmin is scouting around

Though he says he will stay

Politicians like him are many

The words are cards to shuffle and play

Moo has to face reality

He has many frogs in his rank

Karma always works in different light

It embiggens his problem because he did

life isn't a plain sailing


Life isn't a plain sailing

Every day we will see how it works

It is always ups and downs

It will never stay a straight road

We don't put all the eggs in a basket

We will try to divert it in many ways

So in case one basket drops

We will not feel so bad

During my scouting days in ages of time

The wind cascading it away in history

It is a motto I still keep in my mind

Be prepared” in life because we never know

The bad about jogging

It can cause our knees to get the pain

Hitting hard on the ground putting too much pressures

For months and years the knees will take its toll

So it is better to walk swinging hands

It will not cause internal injuries

But jogging will have the effects on it

Be prepared to change direction

The good life is how we managed ourselves

We don't need to go overboard with supplements

Because I read it has 93% no value!

So stick with nature life will be in surprises

the wolves internal war


The wolves internal war

It will hot up now

The banana split has served

The public will hear the howling

A few more will break rank

One has gone now he attacks

He is plainly wanted to be sacked

The kissing train man

The turtle man will support him

As he needs his seat to stay relevant

He too must recognize his own position

The chief wolf may make the move

The old ways of gold

They can't think new but old

So they fight to stay on the pile

Looking for the golden lights of rainbow

The wolves should be buried long time ago

Because of a race who can't think straight

They enjoy the crumbs struggling to make it

Yet they are blinded with the race

Enough of the wolves

Time to cage them for good

The internal war in the camp

All for greed, power and some

Monday, June 27, 2022

the old ways cascading in waves


The old ways

The wind cascading in waves

Whispering in its aggressiveness

There it will stay

The scarecrow can't swing it

As he stands upright with his arms outstretched

As if trying to get the feel of the cascading wind

His open space can't embiggen his needs

So he can't put on display

Let everyone see and say

He has no ears to listen

He stands there like a peacock

The old ways

The rhythm sways in back door

It doesn't want others to watch

In silence it spins its tales

The old ways cascading in waves

The people's needs are secondary

We can shout and scream

The wind just screaming it away

the abortion


The abortion

Let the women decide

It doesn't need a law

To say ok or to say criminal

The men can't see

The stigma they cause

They don't carry it through

They will pollinate every where

The trauma of rape victims

The men of the crimes will not feel

They will say the women deserve it

Because they say the women tempt them!

Let the women decide

The abortion in their lives

Let the doctors help them

The stigma should be removed

Don't let the tears flow

The women shouldn't be punished

While the men can get away with it

This isn't fair to reverse Roe v Wade in USA

the banana split in the wolves


The banana split in the wolves

The half of the whole

Now it is known to the public

The disunity will hit the ground

The leaders not aligned to the chief wolf

They will find themselves out of the equation

One kissing train leader got his removal

Maybe he will lose his ambassador's job

A few more may face the music

As the chief wolf starts his cleaning phrase

The scarecrow too may face his dilemma

When he still tries to ignore his directive

The banana split in the wolves

It is better they disappear

The nation doesn't need them

They bring shame to the nation

The nation is facing the financial strain

The debts heating up the wall of defences

The over trillion dollars in debts

The economically powerful nations will colonize us

Do we still need the wolves?

We will have to change our thinking

The wolves only think of themselves

The nation and her people are secondary

the burberry man


The burberry man

He wants to look a great politician

But he has lost his plot in doing it

He forgets where he came

He likes to throw back years

But he doesn't want for his clothing

He wants to look fashionable expensive in his eyes

Yet he forgets the people are suffering

The burberry man

The better he leaves

He will give space to the nation

He can't see she is crying can he?

Inflation hits the nation

People lost their jobs and security

Recession hits into our pockets

But the burberry man doesn't see

If he does he should know how to address it

The many advisors and bloated Cabinet

What he says is always going to change the next day

Listening to the people he has forgotten where he came

Sunday, June 26, 2022

the court cluster


The court cluster

Finding ways to stay relevant

The wolf members should see it now

Are they for wealth or serve the nation?

Onn Jaafar wanted to serve the nation

Wanted all to join his party in the beginning

But the Turks during his term forced him to leave

He left without realizing his dream

Today the party is still a race

For over 6 decades it pursues with it

Leaving a bad footprints till today

Enriching the elites but not ordinary members

The court cluster afraid to wear orange suits

In court trying to give all kind of excuses

The disciplinary board dares not take action

The board chairman should suspend their membership

Nothing has been done

The court cluster will axe those against them

One by one will be pushed out of the door

The scarecrow will face his dilemma too

The nation doesn't need them

They bring shame and tears to her eyes

The people should see it out right

The wolf party should bite the dust!

no idea on economy


The scarecrow gets a backbone

You have it why still undecided?

You were there at the right time

For a time he should make use of it

But does he?

He is standing straight

Seeing ahead but legs can't move

Every time he speaks flip flop again

The scarecrow doesn't listen

Listening to his advisors and Cabinet

He can't see the ground turning angry

To save his skin he makes U turn

Though he will coat it with half truth

That he has listened to the public complaints

This is the reason why he made the U turn

Afraid he will lose his chair

In the beginning he didn't listen

He made his decision only to be told

By the angry voices and his own party leaders

So he makes his U turn but he denies it

The scarecrow standing

Somebody has to move him

Else he can't function in his head

He has no idea of economy

catch the crooks


Catch the crooks

Will the cats really do it?

Sleeping days and nights

The fat fishes roasted or fried?

They can't open eyes

The eyes barely can open?

Sleeping dreaming of paradise

Will the crooks be caught?

There are many

Parading their wealth

Catch the crooks

Will the cats really do it?

Inflation and recession

Spread across the nation

Catch the crooks

But are the cats sleeping?

The grapevine talk

The rat routes to escape

The wealth of the nation

The crooks dream on it

So what are the cats doing?

Catch the crooks?!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

let's change


Let's change

The landscape of the nation

It is the way to move ahead

The nation wants it to happen

Let's change

This is the 21st century

The nation shouldn't fall backwards

Running like headless chickens

The parasites have to go

Sweep them away in GE15

It will save the nation the shame

As it is now the nation can't smile

Let's change

Focus on the wide range

It will be better for the nation

Once the changes taking shape

there are camps in the wolf party


There are camps in the wolf party

It has been known for sometimes

Now the court cluster will find ways

To take those out not in supporting the group

The scarecrow has his head full

Since he isn't the chief of the wolf party

He will find the guns are pointed at him

One wrong move he will realize his fall

Currently his party leaders are telling him

He has to listen or else he can be gone

Even Moo may have hatched his plan

Since his wants aren't satisfied

The scarecrow realizes he can't move

With his bloated Cabinet and advisors

He can't make good decisions

He has to flip flop or U turn

Now it seems the wolf leaders running the nation

The scarecrow has to follow their directions

Standing straight no way to move ahead or sideways

He has his head full of it so he becomes weak

when you have cancer


When you have cancer

Who do you call?

The oncologists

Asking them to get right on it

The cancer specialists will perform tests

To find the extend of the cancer circles

Once they have determined it

They will find the drugs to treat the cancer cells

The oncologists will not help

When the cancer cells spread to stage 4

They will ask the person to go home and wait

They will not think out of the box to find a cure

Though cancer cure was found in 1953

The government in US and big pharmas blocked it

It is said of over US$100 billion business can be generated

We can imagine why the cure isn't in the public domain

When a person is in stage 4 cancer

It is only miracle will save his life

By then the cancer cells have spread all over

He is facing the time to die

But there is hope yet

Drink baking soda mix with raw jungle honey*

In the morning and at night before going to sleep

It has been reported to have a better result

Mix a glass of turmeric with ginger*

It also can kill off the cancer cells in the body

The scientists in one university had found it

As the health researchers wrote about the result

When you have stage 4 cancer

Who do you call?

Not the oncologists

Better find it from Nature!

*note one table spoon each in a glass of warm or lukewarm water

moo has been played out again


Madam Z

Still stays as a minister

The scarecrow can't make a decision

Afraid he will lose his post

The scarecrow doesn't respect the quota

With his coalition partners putting him there

Now he has to feel the jitters

What will Moo do now?

Of course Madam Z will be happy

She scores a point for her new party

A few MP yet still get a minister's post

Moo must be fuming bad of the scarecrow

This isn't about GE15 now or tomorrow

This is about the gentleman's agreement

Moo wants his quota maintained

But now he hasn't gotten his way

Moo should do his chess moves

He has been played out again

It is the wolves involved

He better seeks his way now

the plotting script


Words of lies

Burying it with not credible persons

It will not sound good at all

It will be “I say and he says”

The script is written by the words

Plotting it with many holes to cook up lies

When there are no concrete evidence to show

Why tell lies to sound credible?

The amount of money mentioned

$100k is a pittance for a project costing billions

Who will be that stupid to ask for it?

The wolves will get a few hundred millions!

It can't even send the Rocket to the moon

The pittance amount can't even buy an apartment

Why cook up this amount of cash?

Say something of hundreds of millions to be believable

Like the chief wolf case

A few millions change hands for the wolves

In the court of law the witness testify

If he lies he will be charged with perjury

The tunnel bridge case is to make a person looked bad

Especially from a Rocket to bring it down

Because the wolves and their ilks are afraid

The party is attracting a large numbers to its rank