Tuesday, June 14, 2022

the hackers on the move


Personal data

Now out in the market

We pay a few dollars

With a click all it takes

The hackers on the move

With agents to help them too

How do our personal details divulge?

It is the inside job isn't it?

Michael Chong held a press conference

Alleging about the breaches of our personal details

He asked for the formation of a committee

With Bank Negara, Police and Cyber security

The Home Minister denied the breaches

When he was asked to comment on the issue

Still he doesn't take proactive measures

Pushing it to the other parties to pursue

Now the 22.5 million people details

Out in the open market in the internet

It is posing a threat to ourselves and national security

Where is the proactive measure to stop it?

We have to be extra careful

Clicking and pursuing transactions in the internet

Do not click on sites or emails we don't know

It is better to be safe than feel sorry later on

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