Tuesday, June 21, 2022

the ledger gate


The ledger gate

Bloom it up in the court case

Of a Komedi in action

The names of the wolf pack

Now 2 has denied it

Every one wants to know the truth

Denying it isn't enough

They have to institute legal action

They forget it was stated in a court case

The witness testified and exhibit his ledger of coded names

This isn't a child playing a game of catch me if you can

They shouldn't simply deny it

The ledger gate

The wolf leaders shouldn't deny it

The grapevine says it is their SOP

Cultivated in the last 6 decades

The majority race must wake up

They can't be putting their heads in the sand

All those decades ago till today

They don't see the wrong of the ruling elites?

The ledger gate

The tales of back door dealing

Cash is king one corrupted leader used to say

We have to make the changes else we are cooked!

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