Sunday, June 26, 2022

no idea on economy


The scarecrow gets a backbone

You have it why still undecided?

You were there at the right time

For a time he should make use of it

But does he?

He is standing straight

Seeing ahead but legs can't move

Every time he speaks flip flop again

The scarecrow doesn't listen

Listening to his advisors and Cabinet

He can't see the ground turning angry

To save his skin he makes U turn

Though he will coat it with half truth

That he has listened to the public complaints

This is the reason why he made the U turn

Afraid he will lose his chair

In the beginning he didn't listen

He made his decision only to be told

By the angry voices and his own party leaders

So he makes his U turn but he denies it

The scarecrow standing

Somebody has to move him

Else he can't function in his head

He has no idea of economy

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