Friday, June 17, 2022



Ghosts in haunted homes

Ghosts in the houses

Ghosts we see sometimes

One day in the dark lit nights

There are stories told

Ghosts sit in the taxis

When the destination arrive

The taxi drivers find no passengers

Ghosts appear in the murdered places

Seeking to find the murderers

Crying woefully in the moon lit nights

If we are unlucky we will see the ghosts

Once I rented an apartment

When I was transferred to an island

I didn't realize there were 7 dead people

I saw blood but I thought it was red paint

The owner didn't tell me

I heard praying conducted

Children looked at me differently

Until a colleague told me about it

When I asked the owner

He admitted it was the truth

The 7 dead were shot by the police

The police broke the gate and door

The 7 were caught unaware at night

The dead souls didn't disturb me at night

Maybe they realize I was an innocent party

Renting a place to stay on my new posting

Ghosts we hear

The many through the years

The abandoned houses

The nights of voices

The brave ones gone

Walking through the houses

They found nothing

But rattling of window panes

There was one in Fraser's Hill

The Indian man who tried to discredit it

He went to sleep in the abandoned house

On a slope near the golf course

The next morning he was sleeping

At the 9th hole of the golf course

He admitted he had to agree

The haunted home in Japanese Occupation

There is one in a hotel in Ipoh city

The room is finally sealed for good

Because she used to walk the corridor

Seeking for her lover to avenged her needs

Even in Mersing near a hotel

Surrounded by steel fence and secondary forest

There were headless human beings standing near the fence

A woman who could see the images narrated her tales

Ghosts believe it or not

The tales will be recorded and shared

If you feel the cold in your body

You can say there is a ghost in a house or near a tree

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