Tuesday, June 28, 2022

the kissing train man


The kissing train man

He is trying to get sacked

He is issuing statements

Telling his chief wolf to go

He is right on the score

The chief wolf facing his court charges

In fact he should come clean on himself

When Macc investigated him

Since he supported the scarecrow

He may get his end of his bargain

Macc stops investigating the case

Because he gives his support

Now the chief wolf wants him hauled up

The disciplinary board will follow soon

The kissing train man will know his fate

The scarecrow should rescind his appointment

The scarecrow must read the messages

The chief wolf has given out his warning

He may not be save in his party

If he tries to step out of his zone

The kissing train man

The sore loser raging hard with his words

He will bring down the wolf party

A trigger the opposition will collect

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