Tuesday, June 21, 2022



Sudirman's childhood house

Left to rot and gone in our eyes

Fire burned the house in 2008

The Pahang state government didn't do a thing

Sudirman the top entertainer in the country

He was popular with all the races

He could unite every one with his songs

Belting it out in records or live shows

Sudirman died in 1992

A cause still kept a secret

Maybe one day we should know

What did he died of an illness?

Now the house is just barely recognizable

A house can be turned into his gallery

Remember he was a popular lawyer turned singer

Many will pay to visit his childhood home

The state government has to be proactive

Maybe the leaders have other interests in their minds

For over 30 years nothing is done to remember his legacy

Sudirman should have his own gallery to remember him by

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