Tuesday, June 28, 2022

life isn't a plain sailing


Life isn't a plain sailing

Every day we will see how it works

It is always ups and downs

It will never stay a straight road

We don't put all the eggs in a basket

We will try to divert it in many ways

So in case one basket drops

We will not feel so bad

During my scouting days in ages of time

The wind cascading it away in history

It is a motto I still keep in my mind

Be prepared” in life because we never know

The bad about jogging

It can cause our knees to get the pain

Hitting hard on the ground putting too much pressures

For months and years the knees will take its toll

So it is better to walk swinging hands

It will not cause internal injuries

But jogging will have the effects on it

Be prepared to change direction

The good life is how we managed ourselves

We don't need to go overboard with supplements

Because I read it has 93% no value!

So stick with nature life will be in surprises

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