Friday, June 10, 2022

afraid to pick the wrong line


The turtle man

The decision he has to make

Madam Z position in his Cabinet

He is afraid to pick the wrong line

He looks at his number

He runs the show because of Moo

He has to thread with care

He doesn't want to be the fall guy

Once he makes the wrong move

He may face his exist on his post

Because Moo sends his request

To replace Madam Z who jumped out

Now the turtle man seems to wait

He hasn't met Madam Z on her position

He is buying his time to drag on the episode

Trying to find a way to fulfill a need

Moo may want his revenge on the wolves

He got sacked twice by his former party

Moo must feel bitter about it

Now he can do it with an excuse

The turtle man

Afraid to commit his score

He may not have the mandate

The wrong choice he picks

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