Monday, June 06, 2022

the greedy wolves


The greedy wolves

They don't learn their lessons

They thought they could win

The road to PJ with full glory?

They see the clear sky

The bright sunlight beaming gold

In their eyes they can't think other way

They want the full control no sharing

The vice president is pressured

He can't think of himself

Though holding the pm post

His party chief will decide the outcome

The court cluster wants to escape

The sound in the Bamboo river

Pushing for GE15 they hope to get free

The voters have already made up their minds

The puppet man can decide now or tomorrow

It doesn't bring much difference to the voters

The outcome will be known running to PJ

No crooks, traitors, liars, cheaters or bad elements

The greedy wolves

Harping every time for it

GE15 to escape for the court cluster

But the verdict will be on the dumpsite

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