Thursday, June 16, 2022

will Azzmin take flight?


The grapevine says

Azzmin and gang will take flight

Out of Moo to another party

Fighting for their survival in politics

Azzmin close confidante left Moo

Joining a frog party she had a hand in it

Azzmin and gang have to decide

Where they want to go or stay behind?

Moo confidently denied the rumour

He said he used to discuss with Azzmin

Like what Azzmin used to say in PKR

I fought for PKR for decades Am I leaving?”

On the record he left

One of the traitors in the S move

Will Azzmin and gang leave Moo?

More likely they will pack and go

They will find no future with Moo

In a frog party they may find comfort

Because they will share a common bond

They were in the same party they left

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