Thursday, June 09, 2022

some day


Some day

A race will wake up and see

How screw up his life has been

Going without questioning

Toiling in the hot sun

Walking in the moonlight

Some day

A race will realize

The riches aren't in his name

He has let it go by his vote

Letting the elites take it all

While he toils in the hot sun

Some day

A race will cry

Listening to the stories

How the nation's wealth have gone

When he votes on the wrong party

He will feel the shame in his eyes

Some day

The elites will learn the hard way

The changes will come to this land

A race will start to realize

He can't be a slave in his life

He needs to bring back his value

Freedom to choose

Even with religions for all to embrace

Some day a race will start to sing with joy

When he finds diversity will bring smile and progress

He doesn't have to deal with the hypocrites

He doesn't need to grab the crumbs

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