Monday, June 20, 2022

there is karma every where


One former minister says he is shock

In the court of monies changed hands

The testimony in court shouldn't lie

We are shocked too with his lame excuse

The other ministers stay quiet for now

Macc says it will swing into action

Why wait so long to take up the challenge?

The witness is for the Macc prosecution

Those years ago Macc stayed low

The ministers mentioned aren't investigated

Until the witness let out the worms in the can

Now Macc says it will investigate the ministers

Even a former prime minister too in the news

Though the person denies his involvement

This is the standard reply adopted by the elite

Shock? Deny? In hospital? Political donation?

If they aren't involved in the transactions

They can sue the witness testifying in court

Let us see whether they have the balls to sue

The witness has his ledger gate to show it

Don't do the bad things

It will come back to haunt us

There is karma every where

We are in cameras all the times

But the crooked politicians

They don't see the hell fire

Nothing will be the same

When they meet their fate

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