Friday, June 17, 2022

azzmin sending feelers


Azzmin sending feelers

Back to the Blue Eyes

A party he left in S move

Now he wants to stay relevant

He knows the score

He is an outcast in politics

Because of his involvement in S move

Bringing down the people's mandate

He has seen his future

In Bersatu he has no way to go up

The trust issue will stick on him

He needs to get out

Now he thinks he has value

In politics he has lost his game

He can say he is still with Moo

Like what he said in Blue Eye

Anwar shouldn't accept him back

He has done much damage to Blue Eye

Anwar should let Azzmin out of his sight

There is no value in Blue Eye for him

The traitors of Blue Eye

Let them fall on the wayside

Let them learn to be honest and trustworthy

Azzmin will be such a person to learn it

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