Monday, June 20, 2022

MO1 tales to be free


The Federal Court

Send MO1 to prison

He shouldn't be allowed

Roaming freely even on bail

Because there are no restrictions

The bail should have conditions on it

As it hasn't written on the document

MO1 can walk about freely

Now he wants the Federal Court to annul his conviction

What is he a special human needed special leeway?

His SRC case should stand by its conviction

The High Court and Appeal Court agreed

There is no way for MO1 to run free

He is trying through his lawyers putting up smoke

Telling all kind of tales to get his conviction put aside

But it is Bamboo River he will have his days

The Federal Court should shut him up for good

All his tactics through his lawyers are excuses

He didn't admit the millions in his accounts

He used the millions so action spoke of his guilt

MO1 can't escape the millions in his bank accounts

There is no reason to paint him like a saint

He used the millions so he knew what he was doing

He shouldn't put up smoke to say he is blind!

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