Sunday, June 19, 2022

how fast will macc run?


How fast will Macc run?

As swift as the judge they investigated?

Because they want to let go somebody's else?

But their own head they don't make the baby steps

Though the police say they are investigating

Till now there is nothing heard about the case

Trying to bargain with each other?

Maybe trying to score brownie points?

How fast will Macc run?

The ministers are mentioned in the court case

They don't have to wait for filing report

In the court hearing it will be sufficient

The AGC has the details

As the prosecution witness testify in court

What will Macc do now?

Open up files just for show?

The public will want to know

How fast will Macc run the show?

They may try to slow down

Until a new order comes to town?

note Macc - Malaysian anti-corruption commission

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