Thursday, June 30, 2022

save the nation the shame


The VIP trial

Better get it done within the time

As it is happening trying to pull wool over the eyes

Playing up with excuses delaying the cases

The judges should throw it out

There are no merits to entertain the requests

Either it happens to the defense lawyers

Or the VIP will cough their own excuses

The cases have dragged on long enough

The defense lawyers are putting up walls

They are afraid they will fall on the cases

The evidence isn't going away

The documentations showing the trails

It is a tight case the VIP couldn't get away

Why not be man enough to admit the crime?

It is all there in the bank accounts

The Bamboo River is strumming their names

There are cells waiting for them to walk in

The echo will not go away in time

The VIP should walk in save the nation the shame

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