Wednesday, June 22, 2022

the scarecrow in the hot sun


The scarecrow can't walk or run

He is tied down to the T

Looking straight ahead

In his mind he has nothing to say

Moo has requested his quota

It has to be maintained as agreed

Madam Z left Moo for her own party

The Cabinet position now in question

The scarecrow can't think what to do

He needs her support to stay on his stand

But he can't refuse his former boss request

It is Moo who put him there in the coalition

So now the scarecrow doesn't move

He drags on his time and days

Madam Z doesn't want to resign

She knows she will lose it all indeed!

But Moo isn't waiting

He has to make his move soon

The scarecrow better thinks ahead

He may just lose his job and perks

The scarecrow can't walk

Ahead or back or sideways

He gets stuck on his indecision

He has no class in leadership

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