Saturday, June 25, 2022

when you have cancer


When you have cancer

Who do you call?

The oncologists

Asking them to get right on it

The cancer specialists will perform tests

To find the extend of the cancer circles

Once they have determined it

They will find the drugs to treat the cancer cells

The oncologists will not help

When the cancer cells spread to stage 4

They will ask the person to go home and wait

They will not think out of the box to find a cure

Though cancer cure was found in 1953

The government in US and big pharmas blocked it

It is said of over US$100 billion business can be generated

We can imagine why the cure isn't in the public domain

When a person is in stage 4 cancer

It is only miracle will save his life

By then the cancer cells have spread all over

He is facing the time to die

But there is hope yet

Drink baking soda mix with raw jungle honey*

In the morning and at night before going to sleep

It has been reported to have a better result

Mix a glass of turmeric with ginger*

It also can kill off the cancer cells in the body

The scientists in one university had found it

As the health researchers wrote about the result

When you have stage 4 cancer

Who do you call?

Not the oncologists

Better find it from Nature!

*note one table spoon each in a glass of warm or lukewarm water

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