Saturday, June 18, 2022

will macc take action?


What will Macc do?

Close one eye until public outcry?

Why the head doesn't take action?

When it involves a judge

By the rogue blogger in UK

Macc quickly takes action

Open a file and investigates

Because he wants MO1 to be free?

Nobody in the right frame of mind

Will believe the rogue blogger

It is only those close to MO1

Hoping he will get his freedom

He will be in Bamboo River

The court case of Komedi

The wolf leaders involved were mentioned

Of millions gone to the named persons

What will the scarecrow say?

Standing upright or wait for the wind to blow?

A few ministers involved in his party and Cabinet

Will Macc swing into action or just wait quietly?

No fast action and open files?

Look at the wolves life's styles

Macc can determine how they get the wealth

Because of the same race and religion

The slow action like a tortoise walk?

There is a law in Macc Act

Give it to to them to explain how they get the funds

From the beginning until they are established

The tax files and how much they declared through the years

Is that difficult to issue to these wolves of wealth?

What will Macc do?

The public want to know

A quick probe or stay low?

Or pretend nothing to crow?

note Macc will start its probe on those mentioned

in the court case recently

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