Tuesday, June 14, 2022

the abolishment of death penalty


The abolishment of death penalty

Why drag on the time to study it?

There is a law in the statute book

Take it out and done with in Parliament

We don't need a committee to study

We have 222 members in Parliament

We have bloated ministers and deputies

Do we need a committee to waste time and money?

The 1,300 inmates in death row

Every day they will realize their lives will be gone

Maybe they have made mistakes in their lives

Maybe they were at the wrong place at the wrong times

The authority has no power to give life

As such it shouldn't have power to take it away

It will be considered a legal murder on a helpless person

Handcuffed and put a rope around his neck

In life imprisonment the inmates will learn

Do not rush in where angels will fly away

In the shadows of Lucifer and his followers

They need bad souls to stay relevance

The abolishment of death penalty

Take the law out in Parliament

Why the need to study in months or years?

Let the 222 members vote on it

No such thing as an eye for an eye

Justice will not be served but walked backwards

The cycle will return and sins will hold

Let our Creator do the work

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