Wednesday, June 29, 2022

the red flag for the wolves


The red flag for the wolves

Who will bite the dust and be forgotten?

The aged leaders should take their leave

This is the age for the youth to take

The aged leaders may have served their times

They don't see it is because of power and wealth

So they will cling by any means possible

This is the red flag the aged leaders should go

The internal fighting will carry on

Because the sore leaders may not want to go

They will make a lot of noises to be known

Until they are cashiered for disobeying rules

The wolves still play on politics

They don't think how to gear up the economy

As the nation and people watch day by day

But do the wolf leaders really care?

The red flag for the wolves

The in-fighting will be carried on

They haven't changed at all

They need to fall deeply to understand

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