Friday, June 10, 2022

power is like an addict hard to let go


The toyol

Know how to curry for his needs

Singing praises for his president

He forgets to mention the corruption cases

The wolves weren't in the drain yet

They were edging to fall but for the traitors

The wolves managed to get a life line

Indirectly with the help of the Old Man

The toyol wants to paint

Praises the his chief hoping to be nominated

Since GE15 is running down the highway

He doesn't want to miss his chance to contest

Though he was jailed for his corruption case

He should have retired quietly enjoyed his second wife

But the power and benefits will lure him out to see

He can't forget how it was for him

The toyol

The voters will reject you

Even Jamal aka Jamban asked you stay away

But the power is like an addict hard to let go

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