Wednesday, June 08, 2022

the bank does not lie in paper trails


MO1 should admit

The millions in his bank accounts

The paper trails don't lie

He knows and uses it like Santa Claus

In one of his cases in final lap

The Apex court will make the final call

MO1 in his final bid to get evidence

Blaming the judge of unfavourable judgement

What evidence he want to salvage?

He has to admit the millions in his bank accounts

The testimonies do not lie in court

Only he and his lawyers trying to find fault

Whatever reasons he want to dig up

His lawyers should explain to him in detail

The millions in his bank accounts do not lie

He knows about it and he uses the millions

MO1 still trying to grand stand

The Bamboo river is ringing his name

He better goes in and listens in full

It will help to ease our burden of shame

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