Tuesday, June 28, 2022

the wolves internal war


The wolves internal war

It will hot up now

The banana split has served

The public will hear the howling

A few more will break rank

One has gone now he attacks

He is plainly wanted to be sacked

The kissing train man

The turtle man will support him

As he needs his seat to stay relevant

He too must recognize his own position

The chief wolf may make the move

The old ways of gold

They can't think new but old

So they fight to stay on the pile

Looking for the golden lights of rainbow

The wolves should be buried long time ago

Because of a race who can't think straight

They enjoy the crumbs struggling to make it

Yet they are blinded with the race

Enough of the wolves

Time to cage them for good

The internal war in the camp

All for greed, power and some

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