Sunday, June 19, 2022

the rocket always the punching bag!


Lee Lam Thye

He should have kept his memoirs private

Until such time he isn't around anymore

Why publish it now after 32 years?

No doubt he did a good job as MP

During those years when he was with the Rocket

The B40 Malaysians spoke highly of him

Because he was always present in Bukit Bintang

When he left suddenly before GE

He was the deputy secretary general

Many had thought he sold himself out

Leaving the Rocket without a reason

The years down the road

Lee Lam Thye enjoyed his perks in life

Bee Anne government and cronies lavished him

The posts he held working for Bee Anne

He even got the honorary titles of Tan Sri and Datukship

Who want to believe what he wrote in his memoirs?

I will believe what Kit Siang narrated his version

Because Kit Siang did not get as good as Lee in benefits

On the whole of the episodes and now in the years

Many believe Lee Lam Thye sold out to Bee Anne

Maybe the SB got something on him he couldn't fight back

He took the easy way out to support Bee Anne

The tales may be different with RPK

But he too sold out to Bee Anne

Now escape to UK in Manchester

RPK becomes a hired writer of tales for the wolves

Kit Siang could be right on his view

Lee Lam Thye is trying to shift the tales

After 32 years only he can tell his side of his story

But why drag it or blame the Rocket?

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