Tuesday, June 21, 2022

the wolves don't feel the shame


The wolves attack

On Moo on his alleged kickbacks

Coming from the witness testimony in court

Of the wolf leader's corruption trial

The wolves pick and choose

On their own leaders they keep quiet

They never say a word

In fact they pretend they don't know

The wolves have no values

The elephant in the room they don't see

They want to show they are white as snow

But really the wolves?

If only Macc start its real investigations

There will be many to be caught in the net

Macc can see the lavish life styles

Check their tax files for a start

Although Moo has denied it

He should sue the witness

Meanwhile the wolves attack

But their own leaders they stay quiet

The wolf leaders names appear

The current ministers haven't commented

If only Macc start its investigations in depth

Many will have been convicted by then

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