Monday, June 27, 2022

the banana split in the wolves


The banana split in the wolves

The half of the whole

Now it is known to the public

The disunity will hit the ground

The leaders not aligned to the chief wolf

They will find themselves out of the equation

One kissing train leader got his removal

Maybe he will lose his ambassador's job

A few more may face the music

As the chief wolf starts his cleaning phrase

The scarecrow too may face his dilemma

When he still tries to ignore his directive

The banana split in the wolves

It is better they disappear

The nation doesn't need them

They bring shame to the nation

The nation is facing the financial strain

The debts heating up the wall of defences

The over trillion dollars in debts

The economically powerful nations will colonize us

Do we still need the wolves?

We will have to change our thinking

The wolves only think of themselves

The nation and her people are secondary

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