Friday, June 24, 2022

the silent crying


The silent crying

The people who are struggling

The pandemic makes it bad

As the economy on low drives

On that mode

The scarecrow can't see

He only stands facing one area

He can't visualize the others

Offering aid of $50-100

What can the people do with it?

The trolley hardly fills it up

The cost of living has gone high

Does the scarecrow realize it?

He can't see standing proud like a peacock

He only plays his games of politics to survive

Leaving the struggling population crying silently

He has no idea how to jump start the economy

He has a bloated Cabinet like his former boss before him

He plays the similar game to stay on his position

Until he is kicked out for his incompetence

The silent crying

The small cash aid can't help

Because the costs of living shoot high

The scarecrow stays blind in his mind

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