Saturday, June 25, 2022

there are camps in the wolf party


There are camps in the wolf party

It has been known for sometimes

Now the court cluster will find ways

To take those out not in supporting the group

The scarecrow has his head full

Since he isn't the chief of the wolf party

He will find the guns are pointed at him

One wrong move he will realize his fall

Currently his party leaders are telling him

He has to listen or else he can be gone

Even Moo may have hatched his plan

Since his wants aren't satisfied

The scarecrow realizes he can't move

With his bloated Cabinet and advisors

He can't make good decisions

He has to flip flop or U turn

Now it seems the wolf leaders running the nation

The scarecrow has to follow their directions

Standing straight no way to move ahead or sideways

He has his head full of it so he becomes weak

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