Wednesday, June 08, 2022

will it happen anti-hopping law?


The Anti-hopping bill ready

In July it will see its day in Parliament

Then the delay will happen

Because certain clauses may cause delay

Now the frogs are packing bags

Looking to jump to seek green pasture

They don't show concern or care

They only believe for themselves

The back door giving these frogs

A clearance to jump out and go

Without losing their status or disqualify

The frogs are packing bags

The wolves will cry for GE15

The court cluster keep saying

Because they think they can win

They will get a TKO on their way to PJ

The nation in shame

How low has she to go?

No way to the old Malaysia

The wolves must go to the garbage tongs

The Anti-hopping law

It may not reach the goal post

The turtle man may ask for GE15

Then what will happen?

The frogs will croak again

The basket of wealth and benefits

The long days of shadows will flow

Behind the corridors of power

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