Friday, June 24, 2022

the costs of living


The costs of living

Gearing up over our heads

The back door still clueless

On the ground prices jump

A week ago flat rice noodles with egg

Jumped from $7.50 to $8.50*

A hawker sells it in the food court

Where the rental is low

Where are the enforcement officers?

There aren't found walking the rounds

These officers should take turn to walk about

Checking the prices of goods

As it is the hawkers will hike the prices

Because they know the enforcement is weak

The back door leaders are trying to work out

How to get off from the ledger gate

By July the chicken price will jump higher

A price floating around $11 per a kilo

It will affect many consumers

So the grapevine hinted about the cost

The costs of living

The back door leaders should walk the talk

They should take a total cut on salaries and perks

To show they feel the people on the ground

*note at one time $6.50; during pandemic up $7.50 

last week and this week $8.50

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