Wednesday, January 31, 2018

the red and white

The red and white
The old had died years ago
Buried in the court of law
Forever it stays in locked room

The new one emerged
The shade of the old forgotten
Though it tries to stay of the old
But it never happens

It shows every rule stays relevant
But the new has worked into addiction
The power of evil takes its soul
Slowly branding its way into it

The red and white refuses to see
It thinks it can go on forever
The time has come it has to go
Leave the stage and bite its fall

The power of evil plays into it
The evil ways penetrating in its systems
Everything will not be the familiar of the old
It has embraced the darkness for its fall

When its leader gets the inspiration
It will be the count down to the darkness
The sins the red and white carrying it
It's Bamboo River calling to return

fishing for votes

Pakatan Harapan
The war of attacks has started
Bee Anne has divided its way
Let the generals take the heat
Marching in different flanks
Each general will take his spot
Pakatan Harapan listens to the drum beats?

In Penang the heat of play
On the sea bed splashing waves
The M and G generals frontal attacks
The publicity generated to garner votes
With the support of the blue gangs
The raids and arrests to show its fangs

The M and G generals will lose
With tails between their legs
Though they will shout until the sun goes down
The generals will not see their flags rising high
They will be hunted down in the voting booths

In Selangor the green moon party
It will be tasked to hit its former ally
Drumming it to score a point
The green moon party will feel the emptiness
With its top leader embroiled in controversy
The case in England will start in trial
This is an interesting case to watch and read
The green moon party will face its doom
Even in East coast states it will lose
The floods had made its marks for good

The red and white party
The general will attack Bersatu
Digging up past misdeeds
Hoping to break the old man's spirit
But the party will face its own doom
It is its final destiny awaiting to flush into the drain

don't let religion rule in politics

Don't let a religion rule in politics
It will never bring peace and joy
The country will see the bad light
Flooding on the streets

Let liberty and justice prevail
It's the honorable tradition
It brings all races together
Leaving religions out of the loop

This is a Secular Nation
Allowing different faiths to flourish
It doesn't say one religion is better
Every religion has its right of play

Let a religion stay in the background
In history we have read how bad it can be
Once it falls into the wrong hands
There will be chaos and no peace

Learn from the Middle East countries
How people destroy their own faith
They forget to learn compassion
God let them go astray!

In our nation we must pray
Let sane minds rule it well
Let liberty and justice prevail
Let our Constitution stay supreme!

it's the power

It's the power
Once it clings into your mind
It will not let you get away
You will become its slave

It makes you enjoy it
Until the day it claims your life
Once you realize it
You make find it hard to disengage

You will turn blind
You will not understand
You will become like a parrot
Saying what it wants you to say

You will make all efforts to stay
It's the power eating you away
Slowly like a time bomb
Until the day you fall

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

the sins of the eyes

A shapely woman walks
The shape of her curves
Along the cool shades
In the mall

The males eyes will detour
A lovely shapely woman walks
All eyes will turn into her face
Slowly matching her curves

She will charge up the males
Letting them see but can't get the zones
The males will run into imagination
What if she is naked all the way?

A supremacy male will blame
A woman for his sins of fall
He never says he is at fault
He always says is a woman

A shapely woman walks
The shapes light up the males
They watch but can't touch her
They run the taste in their minds

In the corner of her eyes
She smiles knowing the secret she has
A transgender enjoying her parade
In the cool shade of the mall

the blue ship in the open sea

The blue ship sails
In the open sea
The last battle to face
The protection of its interests

Along the sea
Strange things it sees
The faces of those on board
Going deep into the darkness

The hollowness of the deep
It hears the crying of sinking ship
The cracking up by the tsunami
The voices stay quiet eventually

The blue ship sails
The storm ravaging waves
She battles hard head on
There is no escape

In the open sea
The storm comes suddenly
The blue ship can't escape
She gets hit and sinks

In the dark depth of the sea
The struggling bodies crying
There is no way to get help
The bodies finally sink lay to rest

the federal court delivered on conversion

The Federal Court delivered on conversion
It is the right way to bring it to closure
For nearly 10 years the case drags on
Finally it becomes reality

Though the Malay Laywers Association disagreed
They always think religion should run supreme
They should study the Constitution deeply
Knowing the country is a secular nation

The judges make the right decision
No single parent has a right to convert the children
Both parent must agree as guardians of the young
It will help to solve conflict on religion

By right religion shouldn't be in politics
It will bring headaches to the people
The religion should stay away from politicians
Let liberty and justice stay on in our lives

the mining pond stays green

The mining pond stays green
It never changes color
Day or rain it doesn't matter
Once it got some mud throwing treatment
By the university students
Still the water isn't clear
It is as green as the dark leaves
Now the development nears its bank
The clearing will cause erosion
So far nothing serious has happened
And nobody has complained
Everyday vehicles will pass by
The drivers will have a glance and drive on
As long as nothing happens

Nobody will pay attention 

Monday, January 29, 2018

the double standards

The double standards
That's the way we see
Catch the small let the big go
Let's do the publicity in full pages

The small boats fishing
They are the easy target
Encroaching on other's turf
They will be easily caught

The big trawlers fishing
They have the muscle to sail
Along and beyond the zones
They will go free

It is the cable digging in
The thin or fat is the way
The double standards
That's the way we see

the shadow of a smile

The shadow of a smile
Watch the painting on the wall
The radiant way the light shines
The Monalisa glows

The intrigue of history
The talking still going on
Though many will try to say
A transgender capturing hearts?

The shadow of a smile
It hides the story till today
It makes for many stories
Still the dawn of light lingers

It is history
The artist painted in mystery
Let the people keep asking
A transgender capturing hearts?

the harassment

The harassment
The way it shouldn't happen
The way when power is losing
The grip on the corridor

When the empire is falling
It grabs of any straw to stay
It feels afraid of the unknown
The dust on the ground

The men in blue
They can say and twist around
The respect of an old lady*
A prominent one in our history

The people will feel
This is an intimidation for the Old Man
The script of war on GE14
It has finally opened the gate

*Tun Dr Siti Hasmah

the old faces

The old faces
Among old friends
They share a bond
Through the ages

The smiling faces
The voices around the table
They talk about old times
The eyes seen of the memories

The old doctor busy
Capturing the pictures for memory
The women in his group
They shared a bond of friendship

The other diners watch
Some busy trawling hand-phones
The world they can't leave behind a while
They are afraid to lose the news

Well...the old faces
They aren't walking that way
They enjoy their company
Of a bond they share through the years

Sunday, January 28, 2018

the cycle on borrowed time

The wall is cracked
The concrete wall start to peel off
The line of cracks appear on the wall
Soon the vibration will cause it to fall

The years of guarding it
It has its day to stand tall
Now the wall cracked open
Something isn't right at all

Though the barking dogs run
Chasing shadows ringing the door
The snarling in the front gate
The barking dogs forget to knock

The right and wrong
The truth and lies
The echo hears it often
The back door swings open

Now the running
Looking back isn't an option
The hiding place to cool
Before the hammer falls down

now the girl is brain dead

Now the girl is brain dead*
What else to say but sadness?

Who is to blame?
When there is no proof?

Simply punishing a person
It isn't the way to solve a problem

Where is the dialogue?
Where is the compassion?

A hand-phone lost
A life lost now

Do the teachers see?
Walk the talk and be free

Now there is a brain dead
A hand-phone lost can be replace

A life lost
There is none!

* penang secondary school

no use fighting in different directions

The old foes join forces
For the common enemy they face
It is no use flanking in different directions
When they can have an impact fighting together

Though others will disagree
Saying the old fox will not change
These critics forget he had left his founding party
He wants to change for the betterment of the nation

Nobody can see the future
The most they can see is tomorrow
Even that they sometimes get it wrong
When events unfold render the predictions in the bin

The enemy must be expelled
He brings bad news and pain in our minds
Let the old foes join forces to attack a common enemy
Let the nation and her people celebrate

the political rabies

The attack dogs
They will roam and seek
Every minor detail
Circle it for a memory lane

Once the attack dogs dig up dirt
The meat bones will be the prize
Once everything on the plate
The sniffing will determine

The assaults for a cause
To protect the turf never let it go
The power on the run
The bites to the meat bones

The publicity on the rise
The attack dogs bathe in sunshine
Biting the meat bones sip cool drinks
Don't have time to pick up the pieces

Saturday, January 27, 2018

when sins piling up high

A dog will have his day
In the scheme of events
The sins will bury in
The walls will collapse

Today the face can smile
The outlook doesn't matter
As long as the face has value
The wealth creations will hit the jackpot

As long as the queue is there
The face will feed them to stay
Treating them into addiction
They will do the face bidding

When the fall is imminent
The sins piling up high
There is no wall to hide
A dog will have his day

teacher, where is your compassion?

A young student
Aged 13 years old trying to hang herself

The teacher who lost her hand-phone
She accused the student of stealing

When she has no proof
She has to investigate

When she has none
She shouldn't harass a student

A teacher should set a good example
For the disciplinary procedures

When there is no evidence
The teacher shouldn't harass anymore

A handphone lost
Go buy another one

It isn't the end of the world
What say you dear teacher?

Now a young girl fighting for her life
What happen to your compassion, teacher?

The family should consider filing a case
Get a competent lawyer to handle it

Hope the girl returns to life
Live with the experience

And don't go committing suicide
It makes everyone sad especially your family

Life is full of different wind
Stand firm and bend a little

the face is well known

The face is well known
The nation doesn't need to advertise
The foreign newspapers and channels will do free
The name we can't feel the bright sunshine

Back home the authorities are neutered
Running in circles trying to show relevancy
The truth it has no potency in its arsenal
It lays broken of short cuts and no links

These authorities are best with opposition
The opponents will get the wrath of the agencies
Knocking on doors or calling them to office
With prepared questions to ask for details

If the authorities can prepare questions
They should know the answers
Likewise the face of one person
There are no questions to ask!

A former MB dares not say
He is from the country of his birth
He says he is from another country
He feels the shame of one man

The ordinary folks
How are they going to fare?
The face of one man
He brings so much shame!

Let a new dawn bring hope
To this nation of colorful people and religions
Let the political crooks bite the dust

Let the wind blowing it away

the script of attack

The script is written
In the coming of next GE
What Bee Anne will do?
It will hide the bad

Now we see
Am Ci A and Gerakan
Hitting it hard in Penang
Fishing on the troubled water

These barking dogs
It has the support of the mongrels
Running behind in the back lanes
Throwing out what it can dig up

And a biting agency comes calling
Doing its master a small favor
Diverting the scandals into a hidden wall
It thinks it can sweep it under the carpet

While in Selangor
The green moon plays its role
Trying its best to pull over a different direction
Hissing its sound at the back of a wall

While the red and white
Trolling on its former head
Piling up on its unwanted pressures
Trying its best to slow him down

We have seen the dirty tricks
It's the time that these crooks fall
Into the dust let the wind blow away
Into a lake of fire let them feel the pain!

Friday, January 26, 2018

the stray cats

The Indian family
Living two streets away
They use to feed the stray cats
On the pillars of the gate

The stray cats will have a good time
Munching food without fear or favor
While the stray dogs will look in envy
Hoping to get the same treatment

Quite a while I don't walk there
Today I do and I am surprise to see
They have shifted maybe tenancy is up
The whole house is empty and quiet

Now the stray cats have to hunt for food
Maybe the Chinese will throw food at the back lane
The stray cats can hang around for the crumbs
At least the cats can survive on a daily run

The day of the stray cats
It is a hard life to live and run
Everyday the cats have to hunt for food
Behind the back lanes or rubbish bins

don't spoil your vote

Voters ignore the campaigns
On spoiled votes in the next election

This is the trick to hookwinked you
You have a right to make a choice

Don't throw it away
Vote for it for change

This is a better choice
You have done a duty

The future generation will sing
The happy song or sad melody

It is boiled down today
What you will do to make a future better?

Unless you don't see it that way
You want to kick your butt whole day

Make a choice
Don't spoil your vote

the people must decide

There is always a double standard
The perception the people will see
No matter how the agencies going to explain
The reality bites deep indeed!

The red shirt leader
The bad publicity he brings
When the public make the uproar
The police then takes him in

Now he is out on police bail
He still carries on his antics
He is from Amno bee
He can walk free

Now with the Macc chief
It takes so long to make the grade
The woman had made her stand
The husband had divorced his wife

What else to play?
Of course AG will push it around
Dragging it for a longer period
Until the public forget

This is a straight forward case
The streaming video recording
It is published in Youtube
It isn't a fake news

Well..the Penang tunnel project
Macc runs deep into the ground
Catching the people involved
Piling pressure on political ground

But investigations on MO1 still stays silence
Macc never wants to dig in
The AG will reflect it away
Putting it on a straight face

There is always the perception
Even Felda land can be kept away
It says it has taken back its land
But who will be sent to jail?

The police says it has investigated
The land deal how it was dealt with
The public eager to know the truth
The Felda land in Semarak Road

But the truth the people know
The agencies will harass the opponents
The agencies officials will go charging in
Making waves of publicity

Even on Johore MB
The police or Macc stay quiet
He is from Amno bee
He can walk free

But the news we read
Macc jumps into Penang river
Digging up the dirt
While MO1 it forgets to go

This GE14
The people must decide
Change it or get it kicked in the butts
And we shouldn't complain anymore