Wednesday, November 30, 2022

retirement is a plan


Retirement is a plan

It is always there in the mind

There is no hard rule to follow

It is up to an individual

Many will go to retirement

Suddenly after years of working

They find they aren't wanted in their age

They are compulsory retired by law

Many will not want to retire

They want to feel useful and in need

As long as they are physically fit and alert

They still want to work

On retirement not in the plan

Those involved will get sick suddenly

By the morning every day they will feel at loss

They aren't sure what else they could do

As long as people plan for it

Retirement will be a welcome relieve

The work-load the work pressures

The back-stabbing and the tales of deception

The work addicts

There will be no retirement

They will work until old age

They can't stop working

These work addicts

Once they stop working

The mechanisms in their bodies will strike

The mind will create a vacuum letting the nuts fall

As long as the people are in FF

They can retire without worry in their minds

They have enough saving to survive

Before they finally say goodbye

the bawang crocodile isn't above the law


The Bawang crocodile

He isn't satisfied in his mind

He still tries to spin his tales

On Anwar and his unity government

He thought he could run the show

Scoring the largest members in Parliament

With his tales on RR and Jews and Christians

He couldn't score on the basic economy

He isn't satisfied until he is prime minister

As he stands today he feels sore he can't get it

He still tries to make his dirty tricks again

He admitted he planned the Sheraton move

As he stands today his party doesn't have the majority

He will try to spin his tales of his missed opportunity

Yet he knows he has lost his plot but he isn't satisfied

The Bawang crocodile time the police take him to custody

His speeches are seditious

Even his followers are easily influenced

The police should take him for questioning

Maybe charge him for sedition

The freedom of speech

It isn't a blanket to talk of hate speech

There are rules and decorum to follow

The Bawang crocodile isn't above the law

the losers playing RR


The mind of red

It begins to read

As the losers playing RR*

The nation can't ignore

The moos and the crocodiles

Spreading lies to suit their plan

They can't forget the loss

In their grasp but ignore

They spin of Jews

They spin of adultery

They spin of Christianity

The end game to satisfy their greed

The power has gone away

Once they tasted it now is nothing

Every day they can't forget

Like an addict they need a fix

The tantrums like a spoiled child

Crying hard to get his needs

But the game of politics

There will be winners and losers

When the game is over

They should accept and follow

Wait for the next contest

Don't spin lies when the contest is done

*RR-race and religion

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

the leaders should compromise


The unity government

Let it find its soul

Every party in it should compromise

The stake is the nation to progress

The unity of different ideologies

Flowing into a common cause for the nation

Let His Majesty wisdom stay in full

Do not go for personal stake and benefits

The nation can't live in shame

GE15 brought some light to shine

Though we can feel the joy in our minds

We mustn't forget the fabric of the souls

Greed is still a sin

Every politician can't deny it

It is best they learned to be morally good

Cause corruption will bring the nation down

The unity government

There will be Brutus in the maze

The leader has to walk with confidence

Let the party elders weed out the Brutus

The nation will watch with interest

On December 19 on the confidence vote

We may see the hands of Brutus

We may see them hide to buy time

The party leaders should compromise

Not every one will get a post to live well

There are sacrifices to be made

In unity every one should adjust and support

the confidence vote


The confidence vote

Anwar has the number on paper

The numbers in his unity government

He will dare to call for it

This is to silence Moo

He can't accept he has lost his game

The Hare ran out fast but out of steam

The tortoise took his time to clinch victory

Bee Anne chairman declares his support

By his announcement the confidence vote will pass

Though there are Bee Anne members who may disagree

Warisan and GPS will wave their flags of unity

Some quarters have said it isn't necessary

The public declaring of support should score it

On the whole Anwar has 148 seats

A 2/3 majority in Parliament

The confidence vote

Let democracy play its role

Dare to play the game

Dare to take the challenge

the self interests of politicians


The power flow into the mind

Once it tastes nothing will stop it

The power will evolve pulling in different directions

Steadily building up as energetic field or a bad drives

It takes will and charm

Facing the power in the mind

Once the mind feels it

The invincible puppets must play its part

Power can paint black spots

If a person has no good values

Power will find a weaknes to exploit it

In the end when rain fall it will be soaking wet

The unity government on show

There are still the bad leaders on the know

They are still harping on their race and religion

As if they are the only ones in the world

The power flow

They are those who can't let go

They are angry; crying over it

The materialistic goods will be gone for good

Monday, November 28, 2022

the Cabinet


The Cabinet

Much discussion on the menu

Anwar has to pick the best

The nation needs it to progress

There are limited Cabinet posts

Those aren't picked shouldn't feel a loss

This is to reset the growth of the nation

Covid19 has caused the economy downturn

The Cabinet in the unity government

The road will have traffic jams indeed

Some shadowy members may try to spin

Act like Trojan horses for favours or positions

Anwar should be able to filter it out

The decades on the streets have thought him well

The Cabinet must be helmed by competent ministers

The nation needs it to sail on the stormy weather

the unity government a lot of give and take


The Cabinet needs to be formed

The unity government has to satisfy many

As long as they have the heart for the nation

The obstacles can be overcome easily

There is no room for personal glory

There is no door for those who seek power and benefits

The nation is suffering and her finance isn't good

Every minister must think of the nation and her people

The reset has to happen

The decades of wrong need to be rectified

It will take time to heal the wounds

The basic economy needs to hit the road

Now the grapevine hits the gong

Bee Anne eyeing the finance minister post

Maybe Anwar should concede it

Let the party be happy to stay

The unity government a lot of give and take

The different approaches different views

As long as each party stays on the basic foundation

The nation must progress to benefit her people

the road to changes


The road to changes

The bulldozers need to clear it

The blocks on implementation

The little napoleons delay

The changes have to start

Behind the image of government

In the back-room administrators

The many rings need to get uninstalled

Get a good sweeper

The hardened face and the will to do

The blocks of little napoleons

They will learn to change for the best

The road to changes

Clear the traffic jams

Employ good traffic engineers

The changes will jump high

Sunday, November 27, 2022

the tropicana shadows


The Tropicana move

Light up in the morning sun

The bad leaders gather to meet

Telling tales each of them

The dancing in the shadows

Trying to sync with the tune

Stressing the importance of power

Once in it a person may want to grow

Losing it has a bitter taste

The mind will feel the emptiness

Like an addict always looking for a fix

Running to find in every alley

The Tropicana move

The back door plan seems so

Though they deny it

The grapevine doesn't buy

This time going will be difficult

As the Anti-hopping law in place

On the wrong move some may lose their seats

Not many want to be in it

religion mustn't mix with politics


Religion mustn't mix with politics

It will never help any country to stay united

It will never help any country to progress

It will sour the relationships of people

Religion is a noble value

Teaching every one to be good

Flow with the good scriptures

Be humble; show gratitude

But politics is a game of deception

A politician will use religion to his benefits

It isn't about progress of people or nation

It is for his own selfish play of games

Politicians shouldn't allow to use religion

The gathering storms will not advantage any one

It will bring a bad omen if it is allowed to manifest

Because Lucifer will love mixing religion with politics

Religion must stand alone

Religion must stay private

It has no place in politics

Because politics is a game of deception

feel the changes


Feel the changes

Feel the mood

When it is done

We will dance

The frame hasn't set

It is just a beginning

The reset of a story

The light over the darkness

The hurdles are plenty

Blocking the way of progress

The party of darkness

They can't stand the light

Yet we will feel the changes

It is coming our way to smile

Though the bad leaders are plotting

Afraid of the light catching them

a story in a frame


A story in a frame

Anwar has to cultivate it

Show the people the way

The frame will make the difference

The crocodiles use it effectively

Through the years in religious schools

Until they can have a pool of people

Ever willing to be dragged along

These people don't ask questions

They follow the herd mentality

They can't think of right or wrong

They only believe is the crocodile's party

The wolves get it going

Believing they can harvest them to the future

In the last election the wolves suffered a heavy defeat

The indoctrination doesn't work for the wolves

The crocodiles hijacked it to their advantage

Anwar should reach out to these young people

They are thought and influenced by the wrong teachers

Tell them the frame of good living

Saturday, November 26, 2022

the unity government must stay


The unity government must stay

Glue by the common belief to survive

The nation needs it to progress

The people want it to live free and joy

The parties of many different directions

Coming together to share the nation's narrative

Bridging the common values sailing off together to pursue

Economy of shared benefits and belief

His Majesty is right to pursue his unity government

The years may have horned his skills to see a light

Instructing his government to pursue what he sees

A legitimate request for the good of the nation

Yet in the shadows there will be the ghosts

They will try to entice and cajole of wealth and positions

This is the basic of evil politics every where

The weak ones will fall with temptation

Anwar has to walk with caution

The traitors will fall for the temptations

The Anti-hopping law may help in this instant

Though he should keep a look out on this group

The unity government must stay

Enough votes to secure a change to the Constitution

Lets correct the wrong for Sabah and Sarawak

Let us all live free happy and smile and joy

we are born to live free


We are born to live free

Enjoy the life and its benefits

The beauty of life is to stay alive”

Though there will be traffic jams

Our lives can't go straight

Even roads have bends and winding

Sometimes we will crash

Sometimes we will fall unexpectedly

In life we mustn't have negative flow

The light and dark will still glow

In brightness or in shadows

Only we need to remember

The beauty of life is to stay alive”

This what every one should pursue

Even setbacks shouldn't bring us down

Treat it as a traffic jam

the crocodiles tears


The crocodiles tears

Only your kind care to know

Your brand of politics

Is the divide and rule

Speaking half truths

It will not get you far

Religion should be out of politics

But the crocodiles can't do without it

They have the swampy ideas

Every one must stay in the swamp

Living in a condition nobody wants

They will say a different tale when on land of roses

Do not buy the tales of crocodiles

They think they can go to paradise

They should look in the mirrors

They will see the bad of their own ways

Anwar has the confidence


Anwar has the confidence

He will stay on as the prime minister

As he declared he would test it on December 19

When he convenes the Parliament sitting

This is the way to go

The confidence voting to show he has it

The members of Parliament can decide

The unity government for progress

Karma has landed

The destiny will fulfill

Nothing will stop her way

The gathering of saints will march

The unity government has 2/3 majority

On paper it will be good to have it

But Anwar must read his support well

Because there were 10 supporting the moos

Anwar has the numbers

The process is just a normal way

It shows he has the scrotal gumption to do it

Unlike Moo who ran away

Friday, November 25, 2022

let pee anne stay in the opposition


Let Pee Anne stay in opposition

Let the party do the check and balance role

This is to show democracy at work

Though don't let the party leaders go out of line

We can't have all parties joined in unity government

We need to have an opposition to make the day

Let Pee Anne play that role in Parliament

Ask them to have a shadow cabinet with allowances

The dawn of a new chapter

Let us get it right for the nation

Anwar has the skills and experiences

As a former deputy prime minister and finance minister

The country will be in his good hands

The long and winding road will stop

The bright lights will shine for the nation

The feel of joy in the air now

Anwar has 2/3 majority in the unity government


The moos and the crocodiles

The way they behave aren't the gentlemen

Losing its hold eager to get to the finishing line

The passing baton gets lost in the exchange

They still hold to their believe

We have 115 SD

Yet we aren't picked for the post”

They forget to read the news

Bee Anne says no supporting Pee Anne

GPS pulls out the following day

Leaving Moo with no majority

The King has the numbers with him

Now Moo still angry

He can't return to his former post

He has lost his fight

Anwar is picked as Prime Minister

Now Anwar has secured a 2/3 majority

In his unity government formulated by His Majesty

Anwar will start his administration by testing his majority

On 19 December in Parliament he will go for it

The nation will face a new dawn

Anwar will get his boost in Parliament

Shut up the moos and the crocodiles

The nation will glow and start to progress

the long and winding road will end


The easy feeling in the air

Once the economy recovers in full steam

The people will smile and not complaint

The long and winding road will end

Now be pragmatic in political situation

The fire burning hasn't gone down yet

Nobody should try to provoke at any costs

The police road blocks are necessary now

We are a nation of colourful people

We are a nation of multi-racial religions

Let no one try to stoke tension in it

The police know the ground well

We have to let the unity government work

The nation must not suffer in pain and sorrow

She needs to smile and get on her wings to fly

Let us do it as one nation one people

Thursday, November 24, 2022

finally Mr Reformasi arrives


Finally Mr Reformasi arrives!

The decades of fighting for change has come

Though in the form of a unity government

Something good better than nothing!

His Majesty appoints him as the 10th Prime Minister

After the conference of Malay Rulers in the palace

This will bring the nation forward to the world

A man who is well known internationally

The road is still unclear

The mapping must begin to create the changes

There are still the extremists in the maze

Hiding in their posts as members of Parliament

The hare lost his game

Hopping hard and eager

Collecting SD to show his majority

In the end many dropped out of it

The tortoise walked peacefully

Enjoying his day and sunshine

Listening to the wind and whispers

While the hare stopped to cry he walked passed and won

Anwar will be sworn in at 5.00pm today

The right choice to handle the situation in the nation

The Old Man of Getah may get his fever now

But we will sing our hit song for a while

something good


Something good on its way

The good news will bring cheers

His Majesty will pick his choice

The leader who commands a simple majority

The likely candidate is Anwar

The leader of the largest block of MP

He should have his first bite of the cherry

It is his to take the nation ahead

The unity government will be formed

PH+ Bee Anne to forge it and rule

Sabah and Sarawak parties will join in

In essence more than a simple majority

The road of recovery

It can be had if every party works on it

Let there be no back stabbing in shadows

We can't hold our politicians will behave

The unity government

It will be a new game for the nation

It isn't about parties differences

It is to bring the nation forward

the glorious morning


The glorious morning

The sun rays burning hot

Drying up the flash floods

A short reprieve until December

A short fresh start

Though the damages of properties done

Many will cry in tears

As they watch their valuables disappear

The morning sun

Bright as lights of the night

It isn't going away yet

Until late evening of the day

The dogs and cats walk away

Sharing a thought sharing a compromise

The rain will not fall until late evening

Now they can hunt freely

the waiting game


The waiting game

Today will be the news

Every one will pray and hope

Anwar will be the one

The largest block

He should get his due

GE15 is for him to ride the storm

Giving the nation a fresh start

His Majesty plays his pivotal role

His decree the parties will follow

Joining in the unity government

GRS too has agreed

Now we wait

His Majesty will decide

The person who will carry the task

The Prime Minister 10 of the nation

karma will rope in the crocodiles


The crocodiles will open mouth

They will get a shock in their lives

They think they can walk to Putrajaya

Dreaming up their plans to pursue

They are on the wrong premise

The foundation is weak for all to see

They should look in their mirrors

Ask themselves the honest question

Have they strayed from their ways?

They should understand this is the 21st century

Making up tales to boost their popularity

They will get the fire for spreading bad tales

This morning Bee Anne gives its support

The party will form the unity government with PH

Along the way Warisan and GPS will hop in

His Majesty will be happy seeing a government is formed

The crocodiles will spin their tales

The open mouth and worrying tails

Karma has taken control of their lives

They will pay for their lies

the many road blocks


The many road blocks

It is the normal for the police

The police want less problem

Coming out after GE15

So far nothing bad has happened

Though in social media nonsense vibrations ring

Spreading false accounts or news

The police may want to pursue

We had our GE15

There is a hung parliament

The parties trying to cobble one together

Even His Majesty trying to help in it

The unity government will be formed

Put aside the political differences

It is the progress of the nation matters

There will be PH+BN configuration

Along the way maybe GPS+Warisan

But the Muslim MP in GPS support Pee Anne

Whereas the NM group disagree

The lights may shine to let them see the wrong way

The musical chair has stopped

PH+Bee Anne the way to go

A simple majority combined with part of GPS+Warisan

No member should toe out of line

The many road blocks

The police want to stop the extremists doing

It is good the police take hard view on this

Let the Federal government be formed