Monday, November 21, 2022

Anwar will have his chance today


Anwar will be on his way

The road to Putrajaya smile on him

The long and winding road he travels

When he arrives the nation can smile

There is much hope for him

The nation and her people wait

The lights of brilliance in our eyes

Get the nation's economy to the high

He has his credentials to do it

A former deputy prime minister and finance minister

In his watch the nation will grow up in numbers

It is his chance to join forces with his old party members

Today we will know who will be the prime minister

The way it stands Moo can't get the job again

The crocodiles can fight with each other on the loss cause

They thought they could smell the roses

Karma works in different way

This time Anwar has a chance to taste the cherry

His old party members come to cooperate with him

Strike some bargains all will be good again

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