Wednesday, November 30, 2022

the bawang crocodile isn't above the law


The Bawang crocodile

He isn't satisfied in his mind

He still tries to spin his tales

On Anwar and his unity government

He thought he could run the show

Scoring the largest members in Parliament

With his tales on RR and Jews and Christians

He couldn't score on the basic economy

He isn't satisfied until he is prime minister

As he stands today he feels sore he can't get it

He still tries to make his dirty tricks again

He admitted he planned the Sheraton move

As he stands today his party doesn't have the majority

He will try to spin his tales of his missed opportunity

Yet he knows he has lost his plot but he isn't satisfied

The Bawang crocodile time the police take him to custody

His speeches are seditious

Even his followers are easily influenced

The police should take him for questioning

Maybe charge him for sedition

The freedom of speech

It isn't a blanket to talk of hate speech

There are rules and decorum to follow

The Bawang crocodile isn't above the law

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