Thursday, November 24, 2022

karma will rope in the crocodiles


The crocodiles will open mouth

They will get a shock in their lives

They think they can walk to Putrajaya

Dreaming up their plans to pursue

They are on the wrong premise

The foundation is weak for all to see

They should look in their mirrors

Ask themselves the honest question

Have they strayed from their ways?

They should understand this is the 21st century

Making up tales to boost their popularity

They will get the fire for spreading bad tales

This morning Bee Anne gives its support

The party will form the unity government with PH

Along the way Warisan and GPS will hop in

His Majesty will be happy seeing a government is formed

The crocodiles will spin their tales

The open mouth and worrying tails

Karma has taken control of their lives

They will pay for their lies

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