Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Anwar is the logical choice


The nation wait

The King has to decide

Nothing yet of His Majesty decision

He wants to meet Bee Anne 30 MP

Earlier today the King suggested a unity government

He wanted PH joined with PN to carry on the administration

Moo shot it down out-right showing his true colour

He only interested in his power and benefits

Moo didn't show respect to the King

The way he explained he forgot his manners

This is the man who failed the nation before

He will fail again if he runs the nation

The King should appoint Anwar

Let him cobble the numbers needed

The King doesn't have to interview any one

Let Anwar work his way to get his numbers

The nation still waiting

Who will be the prime minister?

Anwar should have the right to get it

As he has the largest block of MP

Anwar should hold discussion quickly

With GPS, GRS and Warisan

Maybe include PBM and two independents

Convince them the country needs it to progress

Get the support of Bee Anne in CSA

This is the way to hammer in the deal

The nation can't wait in limbo

The administration needs to run

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