Tuesday, November 29, 2022

the leaders should compromise


The unity government

Let it find its soul

Every party in it should compromise

The stake is the nation to progress

The unity of different ideologies

Flowing into a common cause for the nation

Let His Majesty wisdom stay in full

Do not go for personal stake and benefits

The nation can't live in shame

GE15 brought some light to shine

Though we can feel the joy in our minds

We mustn't forget the fabric of the souls

Greed is still a sin

Every politician can't deny it

It is best they learned to be morally good

Cause corruption will bring the nation down

The unity government

There will be Brutus in the maze

The leader has to walk with confidence

Let the party elders weed out the Brutus

The nation will watch with interest

On December 19 on the confidence vote

We may see the hands of Brutus

We may see them hide to buy time

The party leaders should compromise

Not every one will get a post to live well

There are sacrifices to be made

In unity every one should adjust and support

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