Monday, November 21, 2022

the delay


The delay

Th cobbling will carry

The palace extends to tomorrow

Let the parties play the game

GPS should swallow their pride

Make the right move to join PH

It has much to gain in the long term

How can they see eye to eye with Bawang?

Though the leaders gave their support to Moo

They still can withdraw looking at the numbers

Moo can't get the majority yet as of today

The horse trading still has to ride on

In Perak and Pahang

Bee Anne and PH have joined hands

This is the best solution after the election

Close rank and work for the nation

In the Federal level can be achieved

PH with Bee Anne with GPS

They can form a solid foundation to govern

Every party will win in the long term

This is a possibility

Keep the differences and work for the nation

Now the palace has extended another day

SD shouldn't be the way to settle it

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