Tuesday, November 22, 2022

the technical frogs by signing SD


The signing of SD

Doesn't it hit the Anti-hopping law?

It shows an MP has jumped ship from his party

He lends his support to another for benefits

Article 49 of the Anti-hopping law makes it clear

The signing of SD can be seen as the technical frogs

These MP stay in their party but signed support for another

The law shouldn't be blinded by it

This isn't the unity government forged

The unity government the whole party lends support

To help to forge a majority government to administer the nation

The signing of SD may trigger article 49 AHL law

The elected individual MP should recognize the law

Some lawyers will say article 49 doesn't apply

But look at the law it is like technical frogs

It may trigger vacancies by the SD signers

Stay within the umbrella of the party

The individual MP signs SD giving support to another party

Defying the party rules and regulations and letters of allegiance

Isn't it a technical frog jumping to another pond?

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