Sunday, November 20, 2022

GE15 Malaysia


GE15 Malaysia

No party has the majority

It has divided the nation

Of the light and darkness

PH won 82 seats

The largest in the single block

In the Constitution it has the right

To be called to form the government

It is up to PH to cobble a strong majority

As Anwar says he has a simple majority in hand

Let the nation wait to see his numbers

When the King should call him to the palace

The Moos has 73 seats with the crocodiles

The wolves have 30 seats still can't challenge it

Every party has to cobble a workable solution

But the first to call should be PH to form a government

The Sabah and Sarawak will be the brides

They have the numbers needed to hold court

The dowry will be supplied of goodies

They may hold court to determine the outcome

The best choice will be the wolves with PH

The combination will produce a simple majority

Let all differences put aside for the sake of the nation

It will show a stable government

The result shows the nation is divided

The NM youngsters fail to vote

The numbers didn't show on the radar

It isn't good for a secular nation

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