Friday, November 11, 2022

one swallow doesn't make a summer


One swallow doesn't make a summer

Though a person is good and hardworking

But he belongs to a bad party for self interests

He shouldn't be voted in for his own gains

He should be out to learn his mistakes

Until he takes his long leave of absence

Looking into his past association and his deeds

There are many he shouldn't be proud about it

He believes in his own race

He doesn't subscribe to the colourful people

He only thinks of his own and his party

Nothing to do with the nation of many hats

This type of leader

He shouldn't be elected to office

Though he shows his capability

But he isn't a reformist but a conformist

Let him burn his past away

Out in the cold he should be

He should declare his assets holding

But he hides it away

One swallow doesn't make a summer

He can believe in his plan and ambition

But in the wrong party nothing will move

He is a conformist joining the bad company

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