Tuesday, November 08, 2022

the perception of corruption


The perception of corruption

The wealth they have

The politicians don't declare in public

There lies the reason for it

A former wife of a Perlis chief minister

Suing him for $15 million and properties

This is something the people don't see

Now the former wife files her suit

The perception of corruption

Macc should go to the ground

Survey these leaders living and life styles

They shouldn't wait for report to file in

Macc have so many personnel

They should walk the ground

Going by the state officials

They should invoke the law

But nothing is happening

Even if they open files on them

No updating of their investigations

It will just sitting in the drawers

In GE15 the voters have the opportunity

To make these politicians and cronies pay

By electing the party leaders who can clean it up

Let PH take the tasks to save the nation and the people

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