Saturday, November 12, 2022

let the wolves stay in the forest


The wolf party

It has changed its way

Decades ago under the Old Man

It has never returned to its original aim

The wolf party

Cultivate the culture of benefits and power

It is towards its own leaders to hold the wealth

We can cruise around to see how they live

It isn't about public services

Even the new members will train on the same DNA

They have forgotten their religious training

They will go into it what their elders did

Once the eyes see the glitter of gold

The mind will go 360 degree changes

This is where the devil will smile quietly

A new wagon to do his bad ways

Kari admits it in his campaign

Is he trying to buy sympathy?

He should have quit the party

Instead he is still holding on it

Kari knows his days are numbered

He has been thrown to the bus

The senior leaders want him out

The voters should send him away

Let him stay as ordinary in politics

Until he learns his lessons of his past

As he stands today he isn't a reformist

He is still with the wolf nothing will change

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