Monday, November 07, 2022

GE15 the way of change


The nation needs

A new party a new vision

Let the saints marching on

Glory to us and the way forward

We don't need the bad leaders

They only care for themselves

Let us put them in the swamp

Let them soak it as they like

The wolves, the moos and crocodiles

Let them float together in the swampy land

Let them fight who are the worst kind

It isn't our business to count on them

Becausse the nation needs a new party

Galloping out to the field to make her proud

Bring back her shine take away her shame

She has a lot of catch up with her neighbours glory

GE15 the way of change

The nation badly needs it to survive

Don't vote for the bad leaders

We mustn't go to the old road again

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