Thursday, November 24, 2022

the many road blocks


The many road blocks

It is the normal for the police

The police want less problem

Coming out after GE15

So far nothing bad has happened

Though in social media nonsense vibrations ring

Spreading false accounts or news

The police may want to pursue

We had our GE15

There is a hung parliament

The parties trying to cobble one together

Even His Majesty trying to help in it

The unity government will be formed

Put aside the political differences

It is the progress of the nation matters

There will be PH+BN configuration

Along the way maybe GPS+Warisan

But the Muslim MP in GPS support Pee Anne

Whereas the NM group disagree

The lights may shine to let them see the wrong way

The musical chair has stopped

PH+Bee Anne the way to go

A simple majority combined with part of GPS+Warisan

No member should toe out of line

The many road blocks

The police want to stop the extremists doing

It is good the police take hard view on this

Let the Federal government be formed

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