Wednesday, November 30, 2022

retirement is a plan


Retirement is a plan

It is always there in the mind

There is no hard rule to follow

It is up to an individual

Many will go to retirement

Suddenly after years of working

They find they aren't wanted in their age

They are compulsory retired by law

Many will not want to retire

They want to feel useful and in need

As long as they are physically fit and alert

They still want to work

On retirement not in the plan

Those involved will get sick suddenly

By the morning every day they will feel at loss

They aren't sure what else they could do

As long as people plan for it

Retirement will be a welcome relieve

The work-load the work pressures

The back-stabbing and the tales of deception

The work addicts

There will be no retirement

They will work until old age

They can't stop working

These work addicts

Once they stop working

The mechanisms in their bodies will strike

The mind will create a vacuum letting the nuts fall

As long as the people are in FF

They can retire without worry in their minds

They have enough saving to survive

Before they finally say goodbye

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