Sunday, November 20, 2022

the numbers still in limbo


The expected result

PH doesn't get the number

Though leading in the count

It is suprising the moos in hot rolling

Nearly 1.07 in the morning

The moos seem to hit the right note

Especially on the Malay heartland

Sweeping the ground with winning

The wolves are trailing behind

Maybe they realize they can't match it

But forming a coalition of government

It can happen again

And the deja vue will return

The infighting will begin once more

GE15 will not have the expected result

As the current time stands

Will PH get the magic number?

At nearly 1.10am it has got 52 seats

A long way to go to reach it

Some heavy weights lost in the race

Titiwangsa and Permatang Pauh

A surprising lost to PH

It is again on the Malays

How they think blindly!

The expected result

PH doesn't get it yet

At 1.12am EC hasn't finished counting

The parties have to wait

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