Tuesday, November 08, 2022

don't vote for the bad leaders


Let the bad leaders go

They aren't worth our times

They are there to save their skins

They don't have the public and nation in mind

Even this GE15

It is all about the bad leaders

They can't go to prison

They can't stand the sight of it

Let the rightful candidates bloom

GE15 the nation needs the best soldiers

It isn't with the old guards and their DNA members

Salivating on the country's wealth

Even as a caretaker government

The leaders are awarding contracts

By right they have no authority to do so

The contracts will be illegal

As Parliament is dissolved

No authority or mandate to spend billions

This the turtle man doesn't know

PH should take action after GE15

Don't vote for the bad leaders

Even their sidekicks too

We need to free ourselves and nation

The like of them should bite the dust

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